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Add a documentation page that succinctly but precisely defines various kinds of Xamarin Platform releases

Each Xamarin Platform release has a "reason for release" and a "publication channel." It could be helpful to document the criteria that define each pairing of these two dimensions.

The page could be expanded bit-by-bit. The first version of this page could just discuss the "Feature release + Stable" pairs. I think those are the ones that the largest number of users would be interested in.

- Feature release for new Xamarin features + Stable
- Feature release for compatibility with new versions iOS and Android + Stable

Other pairs could then be added to the page gradually over time.

## Preliminary lists of the 2 release "dimensions"

### Reason for release

- Feature releases that add new Xamarin features

- Feature releases for compatibility with new versions of iOS, Android, Xcode, OS X, Windows, Visual Studio, etc.

- Service releases that address bugs (described further on https://releases.xamarin.com/welcome-to-the-xamarin-release-blog/ and http://tirania.org/blog/archive/2015/Sep-01.html)

- Hotfix releases

### Publication channel

- Stable

- Beta

- Alpha

- Release Candidate

- Web Preview

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