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Xamarin Profiler's huge paywall propagates low quality Xamarin Applications

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The Xamarin Profiler tool needs to be more readily available to ALL Xamarin developers, not just Enterprise license holders (which is prohibitively expensive for individuals or small companies). The withholding of such a great tool to only the most expensive licenses will surely propagate low quality, un-optimized applications into the market which could severely affect the Xamarin platform adoption rate for developers. Xamarin Profiler needs to be a free tool ( such as Xcode and Android Studio's profiler tools) or significantly more affordable.

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  • Alex commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    From my point of view as a developer that contributes his time into this technology, i think that all possible tools related to Xamarin technology should be provided for free (especially profiler), otherwise it may loose (or may be already loosing) the market to other emerging competitors, even thought some of them haven't even reached the production-ready version, while xamarin has been here for a while.

  • Aleksandar commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    As is observed! At some point, even if your code is flawless (let's just say it's without leaks), you still might need to squeeze the best of it, or you'll want to inspect and confirm that 3rd party lib is what's hogging, etc etc. Many times I just felt left ashore when all I wanted was to quickly check what's causing GC to run and drop the framerate of animations. It's just one example of how I annoyed my clients. Although I could have said: I'll need to add 3k$ to your 6k$ invoice for that tool I would rarely use but really need atm, oh and it's per annum.
    Of course I kept shut.

    I mean, it's not just about low quality due to bad code, it's precisely what you said and forgive me for repeating it: it's the lack of tooling that's cheap (or free) and readily available for all classes of developers, some (much) of which are self employed, in 3rd world countries, or with just higher budget spending priorities.

    However, I am still very grateful for what Microsoft did recently: vs code, .net standard and core, open sourced xamarin, etc. Please keep the streak :)

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